Notre Dame Village has three residences designed with unique “small house” concepts (not to be confused with the tiny house trend). Each house provides a natural home setting to 12 individuals, whose suites have fall protection flooring. Through nationally-recognized small house philosophies and practices, the holistic approach honors each resident’s choices and gives equal weight to all aspects of the holistic person, well beyond merely the physical/medical needs. These residences support individuals who have memory challenges or other cognitive impairment. 

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Key Features

  • Each house has a private entrance, living room with fireplace, dining room, full kitchen, pantry, utility rooms, a laundry, quiet room, spa, and home office
  • 12 private resident suites with private bathrooms that include shower
  • Resident suites have innovative fall protection flooring – ask us more!
  • Secure indoor and outdoor living for individuals with memory challenges
  • Assistance with activities of daily living